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The first four-star hotel "Osnabruck" in Tver is conveniently located in the central historical...

Russia, Tver, st. Saltykov-Shchedrin, 20


Tver, st. Novotorzhskaya, 20

Hotel "Zavidovo resort"

Zavidovo Resort is a country hotel 1 hour from Moscow. Located on the territory of the Zavidovo...

Tver region, Konakovsky district, urban settlement Novozavidovsky, Teshilovo village, 45A


Shiksha is a glamping for comfortable camping on Khachin Island, in the heart of Seliger. For...

Tver region, Ostashkovsky district, Volokhovshchina village

Reserve of impressions "Tovanovo"

For connoisseurs of secluded outdoor recreation, this picturesque place in a birch grove, on...

Tver region, Kalininsky district, village Tovanovo

Capsule hostel BOX INN

What is the difference between a capsule hostel and a regular hostel? In a capsule hostel, you...

Tver, st. Soviet, 28

Mini-hotel "Sitara"

The hotel consists of two buildings with a total of 43 rooms. The first building contains rooms...

Tver, 1st Trusov street, 33

Hotel "Yamskaya Sloboda"

The Yamskaya Sloboda Hotel is located near the coast of the Moscow Sea in the central part of the...

Tver region, Konakovsky district, 97 km from MKAD along the Leningradskoe highway

Manor Mokshitsy

You will be surprised, but the comfort of our forest hotel corresponds to the level of 4 * city...

Maksatikhinsky district, village Mokshitsy
Shown 9 out of 9