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Tver Karelia


Karelia is known as a land of endless natural beauty and distinctive culture. A land where many dream to visit, and once they have been, they fall in love forever. But few people know that Karelia may be closer - only 200 kilometers from Moscow! For 400 years now, a part of the Karelian people have been living on the Tver land, keeping their language and customs. They are called the Tver Karelians, and the vast region extending north of Tver is called Tver Karelia. The city of Likhoslavl is rightfully considered its capital, and the Karelian village of Tolmachi is its soul.

Here you will not only visit unique museums that will acquaint you with the history and culture of this region, see ancient chapels and temples, including wooden ones, which have not changed at all over the past centuries, but you will certainly hear Karelian songs accompanied by the national instrument kantele. And also, you will taste the famous pies "gate", as well as other dishes of the national cuisine, in which local housewives have no equal. No wonder thousands of people from different regions of our country and even from Finland come at the end of summer to the festival of the Karelian pie "Kalitka".

This amazing and hospitable land keeps many more secrets and surprises, but of course it is better to be convinced of this personally!

Welcome to Tver Karelia! Tule tervehena!


Life of Tver Karelians